LED Backlight Module

YOU. DC12V 3dot 2835 the len's module, ABS plastic covers IP68 waterproof, 30piece cooper cable television, strong Conductivity,
 2. lighting beam angle 170Degree, 9v 2835 large brightness leds used, ONE HUMDRED AND FIFTY Lumen brightness.
3. cool white along with other colors, 78mm*12mm*4mm size, well suited for big light box.
5. 3M back tape label, 1. 5watt power.
3dot 2835 Super Bright Lens Led Module Utilised for Lighting Decoration


1)select in addition to use TOP quanlity 2835led computer chip source, without spot, lower light decay, good uniformity for backlight module

2)Products having low power consumption, substantial brightness, long life, substantial power 1. 5w, maintenance-free

3)The shell consists of injection molding technology, stunning appearance, good cooling effect

4)IP68 waterproof rating " up " above, this is advantages specification.

5)Low voltage reviews, safe and reliable(DC12V)

6)Cold white/red/blue/green/yellow solo color

7)Module 20 units as a string, LED string and hybrid circuit employing a single module can be cuted
 Which led chips widely-used in this type module?

ANY: 60Lumen 0. 5W SMD 2835 used with this type

Q: What length from the cable for this sort module?

A: normally 14cm time-span between two modules, but you can easlily make any length as clients request.

Q: The amount of quantities module in you string?

A: 20Pcs & 55 pcs in normally. could also make the quantity as clients request, but most significant quantity is 50 pcs.

Q: How long will i get the sample?

THE: need 3-5days to post sample.

Q: Do you might have MOQ limit for buy?

A: Not limit this MOQ. just depend at clients demand.
In order to satisfy customer's request, we assist small quantity sample. not necessarily limit MOQ, and custome your current product special requirements. We've got long time for top quality warranty. And aftersale group.
If you have possibly not used the LED module, in which case you have missed some excellent things. Initially, it was made for signs and channel characters, but today they are traditional in many other household and outdoor lighting software. LED modules are convenient, because each module is usually connected by leads, so it's very easy to cut and connect in any kind of project. How to utilize LED backlight module?

This passage will talk about the next questions of using DIRECTED backlight module:

(1)What is actually LED backlight mold?

(2)The purpose of the LED backlight module

(3)Various LED backlight modules

(1)What can be LED backlight mold?
In brief introduce the LED module as well as its use.

LED can handle quite a simple phenomenon by applying a voltage to some semiconductor material to cause electrons to escape in the material. In return, light energy is emitted by using particles called photons. LED may be a method of converting utility energy into light.

Therefore, from the start of the LED lighting process, the module is really a device containing multiple LED bulbs, which are powering a luminaire through a electric batteries supply, which powers each of the bulbs. The diode in the module is a charged semiconductor material-based within the material used-it has the particular potential to emit a large number of colors. Most LED modules will be mainly called RGB LED modules general health can emit different colors. Therefore, they are primarily used for advertising reasons.

LED Backlight Module

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